Dubai Visa

Everything to Know About Dubai Visa

Dubai has been one of the favorite tourist destinations for people from all over the world, especially in the last decade or so. Ever since the Emirate started issuing visas online, the process of Dubai visit visa has simplified. The city has something for everyone. If you are travelling with your family, there are amusement parks and endless options for shopping. If you are travelling with your group of friends, or even solo, there are some fantastic restaurants and bars that the city has to offer. Then there is the desert safari, skydiving and more things than we can even mention. You can also get a Dubai business visa if the purpose of you are visiting for professional reasons.

Dubai offers different types of visas depending upon your requirement.

Tourist Visa

Dubai continues to attract lakhs of Indians all around the year. You can apply for a short 14-day visa if you feel you will be able to explore the city in that time. If you think you would like to stay longer, then there is an option for a 30-day stay as well. There is an option of a Dubai tourist visa for Indians for a 90-day visit. Dubai tourist visa have to be applied online. It is a fairly simple process, but it is best to go via professionals like, as if you submit the wrong application it becomes null and void and you have to go through the entire process. You end up wasting money in the process. 

Business Visa

If the purpose of your visit to Dubai is to set-up a business or to invest in an already existing business, you will have to get a Dubai Business Visa. You will be issued a 10-year visa in return of a US$ 2.7 million investment. The visa includes spouse, children, one business advisor, one executive director as well as the business partners. You can also obtain a visa for a 5-year stay if you invest US$ 1.4 million in property. However, you are abstained from taking a loan for the same and you will not be allowed to resell the property before three years.

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Transit Visa

If you are travelling to another country and Dubai happens to be a pit-stop, you will be required to obtain a Dubai transit Visa. The duration of your stay cannot exceed 96 hours and the visa is valid only for a period of 14 days from the date of issue. It takes 4-5 days for the visa to be issued from the date of submission of documents. 

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Work Visa

If you wish to join a company based in Dubai as an employee, you will have to apply for a work visa. This visa can only be issued to your employer or your sponsor on your behalf. Alternatively, you apply for a 60-day work visa that will enable you to enter UAE and begin work immediately. However, you must apply and obtain an employment and residency visa through your employer. The validity of such a visa is generally two years.